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Best Projects for Digital Print in Toronto

It can get baffling to figure ouch which projects are best for digital print in Toronto. Canada has a very booming printing industry. When it comes to printing, the province of Ontario takes up 47.6% of the digital printing establishments in the country. 49.6% of those establishments are non-employers or indeterminate and 50.4% have one or more employers, according to Statistics Canada’s Canadian Business Patterns Database. In a thriving industry such as this, you can have unlimited access to a large amount of digital printing services, especially in big and highly populated cities like Toronto.

Compared to traditional methods of printing like offset, screen printing and letterpress, digital printing is still quite new to the industry. If you have very limited information about it, you might have the impression that it is very expensive and low in quality. However, digital printing has become a great alternative to offset printing because not only does it gives high quality results, it is also very flexible in terms of personalization of your materials. Furthermore, using digital printing is more inexpensive for smaller print runs compared to using other traditional printing methods.

Even if you have managed to find the right printing company to hire, it can still be a struggle to figure out the best printing service to use. If you are interested in trying out digital printing, here the best projects more suited for it.

Personalized Projects
If you want your projects to be personalized and have sense of individuality, digital printing is perfect for it. Printing brochures or letters with a certain person’s name or title on it and with personal details mentioned in the body of the text is more practical by using digital printing. Especially when it comes to marketing, including a client’s name on your promotional materials can definitely be a great way to gain their attention.

One example of these personalized projects is direct mail. Adjusting your message to fit your client’s needs is very important in building rapport with them. Adding personalized messages, information and images on direct mailings can really make a huge difference. Another example is promotional campaign materials. Advertisers and communication planners can create and distribute multiple print materials with different color palettes, taglines and concepts to find out which works better and attracts more traffic.

Creative Projects
With its unrivalled flexibility and customization selections, digital printing is the top choice for artists and designers. Not only is it the most lucrative printing method for small print runs, you can freely fine-tune you designs and layouts without leaving a big hole in your wallet. From the layout, fonts, spacing, to the color and finish, everything can be easily altered and customized to your liking. Nevertheless, keep in mind that producing one or a few prints is the best option if you want to save money.

In design and creative communities, digital print paves the way for the production of products targeted to custom audiences like special and limited editions. Because of great advances in the digital prince technology, the quality is becoming higher and higher. Now, even renowned illustrating designer Craig Frazier claims that the difference in the quality of the materials produced by digital printing and offset printing are almost indiscernible. If a designer finds it hard to see the difference in quality, how much more so for untrained eyes?

Time Limited Project
One of the best advantages that digital printing has over offset printing is its speed. For projects that have a tight deadline, choosing traditional printing methods that might take days or weeks to finish might jeopardize and ruin your promotional campaigns and projects. Depending on how big and large scale your project is, digital printing presses can finish the job in just a matter of hours.

Digital printing doesn’t have a setup process and preparation of plates like offset printing has. It is very efficient and convenient, more so for printing projects in standard size which is what digital printing is ideal for. If you have alterations on your designs or if you have yet to choose one, there’s no need to worry. You can swiftly print samples, choose the best design, and print it again with a lot of time still left to spare. Not only can you save more money for printing you projects but you can also meet your deadline.

Instead of getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of digital printing services that are available for you, take the time weigh your options carefully. Now that you have more information on figuring out the best projects for digital print in Toronto, keep them in mind whenever you have upcoming printing projects to do in the future.

Gino Yturralde

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