Games to Attract People To Your Trade Show Booth

Without people visiting your booth all the time and money you spend on getting there will be for nothing. What can you do to get people interested and engaged in your work? Well a tried and true way is to have activities for people to do at your booth. You don’t need anything too fancy to have fun so don’t overthink it. Here are some simple games you can implement to increase your booth traffic.

  1. A Prize Wheel

Nothing special here it’s self explanatory. Who can say no to spinning a wheel and winning something? There are a few tips you can use to make sure you wheel does what its supposed to do. Make sure you have a grand prize that people actually want. Something like money or anything really with decent value. This makes sure people will play even if the other prizes aren’t as valuable. It doesn’t hurt to have lower tier interesting prizes as well. Another tactic is to make your wheel catch people’s eyes. Make it big and colourful. You can also get creative with it and make it look flashier when it spins.

  1. The Counting Game

Everyone has seen this game before. It’s the game with a container or jar that has a certain number of objects in it and you have to guess the number. You can make the game more interesting by getting creative with what the guests are counting (ideally suited to your business) but anything will work. It helps to start a conversation that many lead to some good customers. Again, make sure the prize is interesting enough so people are motivated to play the game and engage with your staff.

  1. Social media

This is a great way to get people having fun at your booth and also garnering free social media advertising. This is such a good way to get people to do marketing for you. The game could be a photo contest where they have to try and take the best picture at your booth doing something and using a hashtag and then sharing it and following your social media account. You get the benefit of having new followers and also appearing in the feeds of the customers followers. Then at the end of the day you can just pick a picture and award the winner a prize.

  1. The Lockbox

This game is an interesting game of chance. This game is played with a prize in a see-through case with a lock on it. Then a bowl of keys for customers to try on the lock, only one works. Again, making sure the prize is actually of interest or value helps draw people in. The attendees stirring around keys makes a bit of noise to draw in passers by. One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot know when the correct key will be picked, so you might lose your prize early. Alternatively, you can have more than one prize and throw the winning key back in the bowl.

Those are four games you can use at a trade show to draw in extra people and attention to your booth. Remember that games don’t have to be difficult or complex for people to be interested in them. Try having a game next time and see if people tend to be more engaged and if they stay longer.


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