5 Reasons Why Flyers are (still) important in Marketing

Flyers are an important tool for advertisement and they are still used in this high-tech era. They can never be old fashioned as they suit all kinds of businesses and help them to achieve their advertisement goals in an effective way.

The five most important reasons of why they are still effective are their cost effectiveness, high impact with low effort, their tangible nature, attractive appearance and personal touch. Continue Reading ›

Why you need to participate in Trade Shows and Expo’s

Participating in a trade show or expo is a great way to bring awareness to your product, service or business. Now with increases in technology, platforms like google hangouts, live video conferencing and webinars, the effectiveness of face to face interactions at trade shows is even more important.

Tradeshows allow you to create an unforgettable experience if done correctly.

Being present at a show allows you to present a variety of options that help you broadcast what you want to promote. Having features that makes your booth unique will help leave a memorable impression. Continue Reading ›

A whole new experience with Print media

When using print collateral or seeing a physical ad, one that you can touch maybe even take home and read whenever you want, provides a completely different experience from just seeing something online. This is how newspapers and magazines that sit on a table or are left lying around somewhere provides repeated exposure. Brochures, flyers and other forms of print are also shared around multiple times. Continue Reading ›