The Do’s and Don’ts of Retractable Banners

Learn the fundamentals for effective retractable banners.

Retractable banners are often displayed during conferences, events, and trade shows. If you want to attract people to your business, whether they are potential customers or business partners or alliances, stand up banners would be your first business introduction to them. 

Why Are Retractable Banners A Must In Trade Shows?

A retractable banner, which is also known as a roll-up or a pull-up banner, is a good marketing and advertising display tool that can be pulled out from the base. Ideally, it is best displayed indoors. However, it can also be used outdoors provided that the weather conditions are good. They are most used when introducing a new product or line of business. Companies also use them for advertising promos or upcoming events. Here are 3 good reasons why retractable banners are one of the best campaign materials you can use to promote your business.

Quick To Install

A roll-up banner isn’t complicated. Since it doesn’t need power tools or even hand tools or complex screws, it can be set up by a single person in just a few minutes. By just securing the support pole into place and attaching the banner to it, then you’re done. Removing the retractable banner and storing it back to its case is also as quick and easy as setting it up for display.

Easy To Move Around

Retractable banners are made of lightweight materials, hence, you can take it effortlessly to anywhere you want. They also come in a retractable banner case with a handle or a shoulder strap, making it easier to carry. Moreover, as it only requires a little floor space, you can easily move it around. Since it can be rolled up, it can be stored and shipped with no hassle at all.


Compared to other advertising tools such as complicated display booths which would require more people and more time to put up, a pop-up banner is so easy to install. You don’t need extra hands or tools for setting it up and in taking it down when you no longer need it. Moreover, roll-up banners are durable and reusable, you’ll get the value of your money.

Get Your Banners Stand Out

As you may want to create a positive impression on people, your retractable banner should display what you intend to convey to them. Therefore, your banners should be well-designed and properly worded. As part of your marketing strategies, your retractable banner should also come with the right design and with the right information about your business. Before you call a printing service company to place your order, here is a list of things you need to take into account to maximize your retractable banner and have a compelling advertisement.

  • Use Fewer Words
    While you may want to let the world know everything about your products or services, your pricing and promotions, and your contact information, save it up for other advertising and marketing materials.In a conference or trade show where everyone is occupied with getting to know each other and socializing with other participants at the event, the last thing they would like to do is stand in front of your banner to read everything from your company vision, mission, goals to your products’ features and benefits. Therefore, don’t be too wordy on your retractable banner. You don’t want your prospects to get bored. The fewer words you use, the better and more attractive your retractable banner would look. What’s important is you catch their attention, tell them a little background about your company and product, and give them the best way on how to connect with you. With fewer words, your potential customers would get interested and curious and consequently, they would want to know more about your company.
  • Make It Simple
    It may be tempting to show off your creativity on your retractable banner, however, you need to keep in mind that you aren’t creating this for an art exhibit. Your stand-up banner is there to grab people’s attention. Never load it heavily with designs as it may only distract your prospects. Making your banner more abstract may just confuse your potential clients. Furthermore, sophisticated font colors can be difficult for them to read. 

    Therefore, keeping it simple and straightforward would be enough to get your message across. Moreover, make your retractable banner’s typeface just bold and big enough to draw one’s attention even if they are a few feet away. Once he gets near to your booth, let your brand representative do the rest of the job in providing more information to your guest.
  • Make It Visible
    Since you only take a few seconds to get attention and make or break an impression, be clever in presenting your retractable banner. Display your roll-up banner with your brand or company logo. Make it stand out by positioning your main message at eye level so your audience can spot it easily. It is also beneficial to include your social media handles so it would be easier for them to follow you.
  • Handle It With Care
    Taking care of your retractable banner would make it more durable. Pull it out gently from its aluminum base. Avoid snapping it back abruptly to the base as it may damage the banner. Furthermore, if you want to change the banner in the retractable stand, seek help from a professional rather than doing it yourself.You don’t need to spend a huge amount on exhibiting your business. On top of that, you don’t have to pay for manpower in putting up your graphic design. With retractable banners, advertising and marketing your company has never been this affordable and convenient.
Winning on the Trade Show, Expo or Conference Floor

Trade shows are highly competitive spaces where everyone is trying to outdo you. You’ll need to stand out and create a lane for yourself. Chances are others are selling the same thing you are to the same people. This is a recipe for fierce competition. You have to do everything you can to eclipse the others on the field. Now here is how you can start to take over the show and create buzz around your booth and gain more leads from trade events you attend.

Go to the right shows, one way to beat the competition is to pick the right show to exhibit. Pick a show that is related to your business but not exactly the standard industry show everyone goes to. How about a show that could be related in a way to your product with less competition? Let’s say you are a company that sells computers. Instead of going to a technology expo you can try a business show that would maybe have businesses interested in buying computers for their office. Standing out at a business show would be much easier than having to find a way to stand out in a group of other companies that are all selling computers.

Looks matter, a lot. Visually your booth needs to stand out from everyone else. Others will be doing the same, so make sure to spend time and have a plan on how your booth will look. Choose colours that stand out to draw people into at least looking at your booth. Keep it relevant but not boring.

Engage your customers, it’s not good enough to sit and wait for people to come and engage with you. It’s important to interact with people wandering in. It doesn’t have to be about what you are selling immediately off the bat. You should first make the customer feel comfortable at your booth and maybe direct them to some interactive display. You must get them into what you are selling before you can do your sales pitch. Just remember not start with the pitch immediately, so just get out there and start chatting.

Get a crowd. A crowd is the best way to get people to notice your booth. When people see a crowd, they want to see what the commotion is about. So how do you get a crowd? Make your booth fun, have games or activities for people to play with or to sample. This is probably the most important goal you want to try and achieve. With a crowd, your booth can become the most talked about thing at the show. Encourage people to take pictures and post to social media when participating in games at your booth. This gets \your brands name out in two ways at the same time.

Give them something to keep. This is also a good way to generate buzz and traffic to your booth. When people see someone walking around with something cool they got at a booth they are going to ask where they got it. Leading them to visit your booth and maybe stay for the pitch. Giving out cool swag or samples from your booth will make your booth the talk of the trade show.

Use these ideas to beat the competition when running and planning your next exhibit. Shows can be very efficient at generating new leads and getting more brand awareness. So don’t fade into the background. Get out there and create a special space for yourself and take the show by storm. Some ideas in this blog were based on this article.

Games to Attract People To Your Trade Show Booth

Without people visiting your booth all the time and money you spend on getting there will be for nothing. What can you do to get people interested and engaged in your work? Well a tried and true way is to have activities for people to do at your booth. You don’t need anything too fancy to have fun so don’t overthink it. Here are some simple games you can implement to increase your booth traffic.

  1. A Prize Wheel

Nothing special here it’s self explanatory. Who can say no to spinning a wheel and winning something? There are a few tips you can use to make sure you wheel does what its supposed to do. Make sure you have a grand prize that people actually want. Something like money or anything really with decent value. This makes sure people will play even if the other prizes aren’t as valuable. It doesn’t hurt to have lower tier interesting prizes as well. Another tactic is to make your wheel catch people’s eyes. Make it big and colourful. You can also get creative with it and make it look flashier when it spins.

  1. The Counting Game

Everyone has seen this game before. It’s the game with a container or jar that has a certain number of objects in it and you have to guess the number. You can make the game more interesting by getting creative with what the guests are counting (ideally suited to your business) but anything will work. It helps to start a conversation that many lead to some good customers. Again, make sure the prize is interesting enough so people are motivated to play the game and engage with your staff.

  1. Social media

This is a great way to get people having fun at your booth and also garnering free social media advertising. This is such a good way to get people to do marketing for you. The game could be a photo contest where they have to try and take the best picture at your booth doing something and using a hashtag and then sharing it and following your social media account. You get the benefit of having new followers and also appearing in the feeds of the customers followers. Then at the end of the day you can just pick a picture and award the winner a prize.

  1. The Lockbox

This game is an interesting game of chance. This game is played with a prize in a see-through case with a lock on it. Then a bowl of keys for customers to try on the lock, only one works. Again, making sure the prize is actually of interest or value helps draw people in. The attendees stirring around keys makes a bit of noise to draw in passers by. One thing to keep in mind is that you cannot know when the correct key will be picked, so you might lose your prize early. Alternatively, you can have more than one prize and throw the winning key back in the bowl.

Those are four games you can use at a trade show to draw in extra people and attention to your booth. Remember that games don’t have to be difficult or complex for people to be interested in them. Try having a game next time and see if people tend to be more engaged and if they stay longer. This blog was based partly on this article found here.

Five Ways to Politely Escape a Conversation at a Trade Show

Have you ever been stuck in a conversation you can wait to leave? Well is can happen at a booth during your trade show. Having to greet and talk to everyone that visits your booth is important and works best when you can move from one person to the next after your sales pitch. However, sometimes people just won’t leave. The reality is you don’t have all day to talk to someone. Now of course you can’t just walk away or tell them to stop talking, so how do you get out? Here are five strategies to know and use when needing to escape an annoying visitor.

The 007

This one is about setting up a secret signal to let your team know you need to get out. It has to be discrete you can’t do something like wave your arms. Probably something simple to flash quickly and to get your co-workers attention. When you notice the signal, you should jump to their rescue and come up with a believable excuse to get your co-worker away. Maybe something like “Hey we need you to reset the computer its not working again” or “Sorry can I borrow you to answer a question for another visitor” then you have an opening to slip away. And there you have it the perfect escape.

The Hand Off

This one is a classic, if you don’t want to talk someone just make someone else talk to them. Lead them over to another part of the exhibit and drop them off with someone else. Come up with a simple exit line and make an exit.

The Gift Basket

This is a nice way to politely end a conversation. Give them some swag and a business card can show the attendee that you are ready to move on. Make sure to leave them with an idea of what you just gave them like what the package includes as well as contact information that can be used to reach you. Don’t just hand them some stuff and push them out the door make sure they are let go nicely and will remember what you told them.

The Referral

This one takes a bit more planning and networking. This involves telling a customer about another exhibitor in the area and directing them that way. Its best to do this with a group that you already know and talk to. When you are done talking to a customer and maybe you have realized that what they are looking for you cannot provide, it maybe time to refer them to someone who can. You can either give them directions or take them to the other exhibit yourself. This helps the customer feel that you are looking out for them and really want to help. Also, your referred exhibitor may also send some extra traffic your way.

The Blame Game

This works best when used not on customers but other staffers from another exhibit show up. It doesn’t look good to a customer to have an employee throw their boss under the bus. But if you find yourself in need of an escape just say something like “I would love to stand here and talk but the boss is really trying to keep everyone on task.” It’s the perfect getaway. They can’t stop you from doing what your boss wants so this should always work unless you are clearly not busy. And one more thing is to make sure your boss is ok with being used as the bad guy for the excuse.

These are just some of the tactics that can be used by you and your staff to escape people that just go on for too long. Nothing wrong with using them if you are really busy and need to get moving. Use these strategies to make the most out of the time you spend at a trade show and gather the best leads you can. Some of these strategies were derived from an article written by Brian Dukerschein.

Tradeshow Awareness and Making the Most of Your Booth

Let’s say you registered at a trade show, your booth is set up, and the trade show or Expo is in full swing. What do you need to do to make it worthwhile?

Many people overlook or are not aware of what happens while they are on the floor. It’s important to be mindful of details that can help you during and after the show to get the most out of your visit.

The first thing is to keep in mind is the traffic your booth takes in. You don’t need to count each person one by one but keep traffic in mind and get a general sense of who’s coming when and how many. Compare yourself to your competition and check to see what they are up to and if they are getting more people going their way. What is affecting traffic coming to booths? You can use this information to improve your booth or display now or for the next show.

Customer interaction should not be overlooked. You need to make the people that wander into your booth feel welcome and engaged in your display or pitch. Make sure to have staff ready to talk and make people feel welcome to ask questions. The more welcome people feel, the more time they will spend with you, and that could lead to more leads. Keep this in mind when people start to show up.

Another important point to be mindful of is the quality of leads you gather throughout the day. Not all leads should be ranked the same. Some leads are more promising than others, and it’s good to contact the priority contacts as soon as possible. To get the most out of your visit keep yourself organized, so when you come home with a list of contacts, you know who to contact first.

As mentioned before make sure to scope out the competition. This is a unique opportunity where you and your various competitors are all in the same place. Expect them to be checking you out too. So return the favour and get as much helpful info about their strategies and how they market. Their newest and best products will be on display, check those out and see how you stack up. Pay attention to detail and make sure you are aware of everything that is going on at the show and use it to your advantage.

Lastly, compare your booth to your neighbour’s. Do you stand out or look the same as everyone else (or worse)? Think of ways you can get more prospects into your area. Your immediate area is the most crucial space in the show to make the most from your booth. Greet all who come by and if possible stand in front of your booth rather than behind it.

Be mindful of these things when at a trade show but remember actually to put that information to use to get extra value out of being at a trade show. This article is based off a blog written by Trade Show Guy found here.

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What You Must Not Forget At a Trade Show

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