Print Media vs. Digital Media: Understanding the Pros and Cons

If you’re still wondering whether your business should use print media or digital media, it’s important to understand their use first. Remember that each business has its strengths and weaknesses to work on which is why one type of media marketing could work more than the other.

One of the many reasons why entrepreneurs turn to digital media nowadays is because of the ease and accessibility it offers. As more people from around the world have access to brands and services from the other side of the world, marketing targeted at a global audience is more favoured.

However, there are also a lot of benefits when you use traditional marketing in the digital age. Print still has advantages that even digital tools can’t replicate at present. Also, it depends on whether you have the budget to spend on digital or traditional media as well.

Print Media vs Digital Media

Print media has been around for a long time which means it has been tested and proven to work. You can trust traditional marketing more since once something gets published, it can’t be changed or altered immediately.

Traditional marketing gives your prospects and customers more assurance that what you print is the full details. People are more likely to look for traditional marketing when they want reliable information and sources and you can take advantage of that.

Even though digital media can reach many people in a matter of seconds online, it can also be altered as quickly. Plenty of information online can be deleted or edited in a few minutes. It creates confusion and distrust among your prospects and customers.

Pros and Cons of Print Media


  • More Trustworthy
    Many people still trust print media today and it’s difficult to take away print completely out of them. There are plenty of consumers who have migrated online for their needs and source of information, but they will still look for traditional marketing for assurance.

    It’s because traditional marketing is more reliable and is known to be accurate. Before something gets printed out, some editors and people check the information to be printed. Unlike digital media where anyone can miss out on simple spelling mistakes before hitting the post button.

  • Strong Loyalty
    Print media can still carry massive exposure for your ads even today. It’s because people are still very loyal to print and will usually believe what is printed more compared to what they see online. You can be sure that your marketing’s exposure in print will still be welcomed and trusted by many.
  • Visual Appeal
    You can still get creative when it comes to print advertising. There are many options for businesses when advertising on print such as producing posters and brochures which are less expensive but still as effective as modern digital ads.
  • Better ROI than Digital Ads
    It’s not surprising that you will still get good ROI with traditional marketing compared to digital ads. It’s because the latter is very expensive to produce especially for small to medium businesses,  traditional marketing also has a longer shelf life compared to digital ads that can only retain a few minutes of a prospect’s attention online.


  • Longer Planning Period
    You can create an astounding print campaign when you know how to plan them well. That means to ensure that your print marketing works, you have to research well and produce the right print ads to distribute. The success of the plan highly depends on your creative direction as the entrepreneur or leader of your business.
  • Audience Restriction
    The power of print ads can only be maximized in your local area. You can only hang up your posters and distribute your brochures to people that you can physically reach out to. That means there are only a handful of areas where people are exposed to your print marketing. This isn’t a problem if you are only targeting a local area for your products and service.
  • Difficulty with Finding Prospects
    Unlike digital ads where you can place them in platforms that work with algorithms, print ads can’t execute the same thing. You need to really on the interest of the people whom you will show or distribute the printed ads and not all of them could want your product or services.

Digital Media


  • Everything is Digital
    You don’t have to worry about printed copies since you can produce and access the ads online. Given that you have the programs to create the ads and an automated platform, you can schedule ads to show up at whatever time you desire.
  • Being on Trend
    If you want your ads to be trendy, you can immediately create and launch them digitally. There is no need to wait for days to design and print out your ads. You can launch them, immediately and hop on the trend where more people can see your ads.


  • Shorter Attention Span
    As much as how you can get the attention of people online immediately, it also goes away as quickly. With digital ads, you have to grab their attention quickly, but the challenge is how to hold nit long enough until you can market your products and services. It is very difficult to create a digital ad engaging enough for prospects to interact with.
  • Pricey
    You might be surprised to find out that digital ads cost more than printed ones. Even if you don’t need to design and print your ads, you still need to access a computer, a design program as well as a digital platform subscription to maximize your advertising reach.

What Media Should Businesses Use?

Now you might be asking what is the best advertising media to use? If you are a small to medium business owner, you need a combination of both for amazing results. Going all in on digital media can be very risky which is why you should always have traditional marketing as a backup.

When you are a starting business with no huge revenue yet. Always start with print. Your traditional marketing will take you a long way until you can finally afford a bigger marketing campaign, there’s nothing wrong with starting with traditional media as it is still very effective today.

Print media will always be convenient and easy to access for everyone. Some prospects prefer having to touch a brochure or pamphlet before they become convinced of what you offer. You can always take advantage of this and use print media to gain the trust of your target market.