5 Advantages of Using Digital Printing Services

Making a decision to use digital printing services for your short printing runs can be daunting, especially if you have no idea about it. Digital printing came about in 1991, almost 116 years after offset printing was first introduced in 1875. The main difference between digital printing and traditional methods is that there is no need for the preparation of plates to be used.

There are a lot of factors to be considered when choosing whether you should go digital or not. The volume of the materials you will be producing matters as well as how complicated or intricate your designs are. Digital printing is typically a better option for your short printing runs while offset printing is better for high volume printing. If you are still unsure, here are the top 5 advantages of using digital printing services to help you make up your mind.

Lower Printing Costs
One of the huge benefits that you can get from choosing digital printing are reduced costs. This is because unlike offset printing that requires setup fees and plates to be made, digital printing doesn’t need any. Low volume printing of marketing materials like posters, business cards, brochures, flyers, and newsletters are best done with digital printing. It is a great way to cut a significant amount of your printing expenses. Before the emergence of digital printing, small businesses had to choose between a high quality but expensive offset printing or a cheaper quality one for their short print runs. With the advent of digital technology, digital printing has now a lot more to offer than it used to.

High Print Quality
Although offset printing still has the best printing quality, digital printing comes at a very close second. Due to the advances in digital printing technology, its printing quality has improved and even rivals the quality of offset printing. The colors remain bright and vivid, the lines remain sharp and the pictures still look as crisp and vibrant as you want them to be. With digital printing, quality will never be an issue. There are also less mistakes and waste with digital printing. Because of the consistency of its quality, there are also no variations to your materials. There’s no need to worry at all – from the very first page to the last, you can be rest assured that your brochure, card, flyer or other promotional materials will consistently have impressive print quality.

As mentioned before, digital printing doesn’t need to go through the setup process that offset printing goes through. There is also no need for plates to be created and prepared and there is no engraving to be done. All you have to do is to directly print your materials and you are already done. With fewer and simpler steps in the printing process, the final materials can be delivered to your clients or to your doorstep immediately, with ease.

Print Flexibility
Whether your materials are intended for marketing purposes or for personal use, personalization plays a big part in the process. Despite having a higher quality and lesser cost for high volume print runs, this is where traditional printing methods fall short of. For businesses that aim to target specific markets which varies in location, ages and niches, short run digital printing is the best choice for them. Personalization is very easy to attain with digital printing. However, it would be quite difficult for the traditional methods to manage. With digital printing, there is no need to engrave designs and information – customization becomes very feasible and achievable.

Lesser Carbon Footprints
This benefit is the most important one. Not only does it affect you and your business, it also helps the environment. Offset printing requires a lot of processes. With the absence of the plating process, and other procedures used by traditional printing methods, there are lesser equipment and energy being used in digital printing. Therefore, unlike offset printing, digital printing can help in keeping our environment better and higher in quality.

Digital printing has really come a long way due to the dawn of digital technology. Gone are the days where it produces low quality results. Printing of your materials have now become cheaper, easier, faster and more environmentally friendly. Today, you can not only save more money for your short print runs but you are also helping in keeping both your projects, and the environment, in a much better quality. With these 5 advantages in mind, you will never regret using digital printing services.