How To Get The Most Out Of A Trade Show?

Trade shows are going on all the time with companies showing off their latest projects and products. If you have the opportunity to attend one as an exhibitor, you can help spread awareness for your company. Having a presence at various trade shows can help make customers familiar with your brand. Here are a few pointers.

Get To Know Your Customer Base

People that show up to trade shows are motivated to be there and interested in what you have to offer. You can use this to your advantage. If you have a space that attracts people you can learn a lot about what your customers want. If you decide to exhibit, make sure you talk to everyone that visits your booth. These people are likely interested in what you have and are willing to make a deal. Even if they don’t buy, they know what they want and can help you learn what matters to your prospects.

Scope out the competition

Nothing is stopping you from going around and looking at other companies exhibits. Go around have a look, see what the others are doing, what works and doesn’t work. Take the best points and try to find ways to apply them to your company. After a while of going around you will be able to get a sense of the good, the bad and the ugly. You can bet other groups are doing this too so join in on the fun.

You have an image to maintain

Even if you are a small start-up being at a trade show shows that your company is serious about the business. People take notice that your company is out sharing the same space as other large brands that people know. This brands you by association. A suggestion for projecting a strong image is use space next to or near a blue-chip company. People will see that your name is beside one of the recognizable names in the industry and take you more seriously. Use an interesting eye-catching display to help draw customers to your company.

Sell your stuff

You can push for sales at a trade show more easily than if you were making a direct sale. These people are likely well informed and are in the buying mood when taking their valuable time out to go visit a trade show. Trade show attendees know why you are there and will be less likely to push back when they know they are being sold to. Definitely try to make deals on the spot to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Even if you don’t make a sale at the show collect contact information for later follow-up.

Be smart if you are spending the time and money to exhibit at one of these shows. Keep these tips in mind to take advantage of the show. One more important tip is to attend the right shows to get the most value. Research shows and events that your competitors are appearing at and choose the popular ones that look to be promising.

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