Why Printed Flyers Are Still Viable To Generate Sales?

In the digital information age where most people are beginning to spend more and more time online it may seem hard to justify spending marketing money on paper flyers when online advertisements seem to be more convenient. Flyers still should still have a place in your marketing strategy.

Flyers are effective at actually reaching people that may be interested. Examples include door to door mail dropping. Going door to door may be one of the most time-consuming options for advertising with flyers but it is effective to make sure people see your advertisement. Using newspaper inserts is also a way to reach people effectively and quickly. Street distribution may also be used if you are ok with standing outside and handing those out in person.

Another point is that the customer has a physical object that they can hold and carry with them. As an added bonus the flyer cannot be blocked or clicked away from, making it a constant message that may appear more than once in the customer’s day. An example is maybe the person takes the flyer from you during the day, they see it once. Then they put the flyer in their bag, later they are home and unpacking their bag they see it again. Then maybe it lingers in the house for a few days before they recycle it. In this scenario the customer has already seen the flyer 3 times.

Flyers can also help to distribute incentives for people to use your services or purchase your product, in the form of coupons or QR codes. By including incentives with your flyer, you are able to track and evaluate the effectiveness of your advertisement campaign by tracking the number of times the QR code was used or how many people used your coupon.

This is a short list of advantages for using print collateral. If you count on new local business to drive your sales, printed flyers, postcards and coupons should be a strategic part of your marketing.

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