5 Reasons Trade Shows are Important

In order to improve the “Trade Show Experience”, professionally printed materials should be used for Promotional Strategy, Customer engagement and follow up.  Listed below are the five reasons why trade shows are important.

  • A trade show is an efficient method for marketing companies and their products.

Trade shows provide an opportunity for companies to come face to face with the actual decision makers i.e. the customers, which is not a case in comparison to other marketing strategies used by them. This gives them a dynamic platform where they can bring forward new products and services to their customers.

  • It takes effort for one to benefit from the trade show experience.

If I relate my own experience of trade shows as the owner of a printing company, I have helped numerous companies with their print media marketing here. One thing that I have experienced and learned is that these companies have had huge advantages participating. It all happens if and only if they have a well- planned strategy, which is launched months before the show to attract customers and follow-up after as well.  Customized print media plays a very important role in showcasing them at their booth.

  • Before the Show

One of the most essential things for a successful show is that promotions before the show should be done properly as they have a large crowd and exhibitors visiting. This calls for lots of competition and hence the companies which promote themselves better have people visiting them first. This calls for the companies to make contacts beforehand such as announcement of their brand, products, booth number, time and location in the show. They can also attract more crowds by giving promotional coupons, prizes and other offers etc. most common methods are social media sites, ads, flyers and posters.

  • During the Show…

In order to engage with more visitors, companies can provide better booth guidance to them such as the booth displays, brochures/flyers and prize giveaways. The booth should be large, visible from far away and also attractive to the eye displaying professional images and projects of the company. Some print options could be backdrops, panels, banners, table top displays and signs. The visitors can be handed brochures for further assistance and engagement. Lastly, they can give prizes in exchange of visitors’ information which can allow them to follow-up.

  • After the Show.

Follow-up is the only way that the company can get maximum benefit after participating in the trade show. The information that is collected about the people and investors can now be used to make contacts and improve the sales. The business cards, swiping badges and data collected should be used to send in their product information in custom printed presentation pocket followers to the investors, their catalogs as well.

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