How much of a difference can Print Media make to your marketing?

Nowadays it is very simple to get enveloped in online advertisements as well as email marketing. Having physical copies such as print media makes a big difference in grabbing someone’s attention. Forbes magazine states that print magazines, materials and publications provide an experience that one can not find online. The following are a couple reasons that explain how much of a difference print can make to your marketing.

  • Print is tangible: Print media whether it be a poster, brochure, flyer etc. is a physical item. These items stay in people’s possession for long periods of time around their home or office, providing a larger benefit that you might expect.
  • Prints add credibility: Having a physical copy provides a unique experience one can’t get from online advertising. For example, reading your favourite magazine or reading your favourite book in a physical copy compared to a electronic copy are two very different experiences. Having a physical item provides a greater sense of legitimacy.
  • Print Establishes your Brand: Print allows people to recognize who you are and can bring another element to your brand.
  • Print is more engaging: Comparing reading times of print media to that of a website, the average consumer spends around 43 minutes reading a magazine where as a website is often skimmed in about 15 seconds.
  • Print can bring clarity: Nowadays people’s inboxes are filled with thousands of ads and emails about products and services which 90% of will be ignored. Print media allows for a unique customized experience which you can choose how the reader will experience your print.

Print Media can make a big difference in marketing your brand. Print gets a lot more attention from people and when done correctly can provide a great return on investment.

The above blog used references from this article.