Grab Someone’s Attention in 8 Seconds or Less

Apparently, there’s a well-known claim going around that our attention span is shorter than a goldfish’s and is decreasing by the minute. But this claim isn’t so true because Goldfish have become a model system when it comes to learning and memory formation.

To get someone’s attention, even though they can focus on you or what your trying to show them for more than 8 seconds, most of them won’t give you the attention without you having earned it. The following tips might be a great way to get someone’s attention in 8 seconds or less.

Use a creative/funny picture
Depending on what you’re trying to get their attention for, using a visual is much more impactful than just simply using words.

Create a clever subject line
It’s a known fact that 35% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone. Creating something based on the person’s interest and likes is a great way to grab their attention. Using humour could prove to be successful too.

Add humour
Using specific and monitored humour can be one of the greatest ways for someone to notice you or your work. People naturally love to smile and laugh so using this to your advantage is an absolute amazing trick to get their focus.

Provide Options
This can apply in any scenario. Providing the prospect with some options for responses allows them to feel more welcome and open to whether or not they want to give you their attention. If you’ve done the previous steps correctly, they will surely try to respond more.

Using these methods, there is no doubt that you will have your prospects attention super fast. Make sure you always add value to what you are trying to get the prospect to see and it will keep them and others coming back for more.

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