A whole new experience with Print media

When using print collateral or seeing a physical ad, one that you can touch maybe even take home and read whenever you want, provides a completely different experience from just seeing something online. This is how newspapers and magazines that sit on a table or are left lying around somewhere provides repeated exposure. Brochures, flyers and other forms of print are also shared around multiple times.

Print media also allows you to have flexibility. When reading printed materials, they have your full attention, allowing you to be more productive and more efficient, compared to reading something online, where you can be distracted by notifications.

Magazines, for example, have very high reader engagement simply because of the reader’s full attention. Electronic media is thrown at you without a warning or without you being prepared for it, which is probably why you might not even notice half the ads you see on your phone or computer.

Yes, digital media is increasing as time goes by, however print media is still just as important to you without you even realizing it. The sensory experience, as mentioned, is one that cannot in any way be reproduced in digital media. The feeling of touching and holding the information that you want improves the impact of the message in ways digital media never could.

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